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Here is an email I got from Kevin Dean on 11/22/99.

I am extremely "New" to the foreclosue business, but have had some exposures to certain people on your list.

First, last March, I was out of work, and thought that it would be a good time to get into something to suppliment my income for times like those when I was out of work. One Sunday, I saw an infomercial for Russ Whitney. I thought it sounded like a good deal, and called up to get a reservation to their seminar up in Newark, New Jersey. I went to the seminar and went crazy!! I thought that it was such a good way of making alot of money real quick and proceeded to write a check for over $1,500.00. I was invited back to an in-depth seminar for the first week of April, and was told at that time that I would get a chance to hear Russ presentation, personally.

Well, I had to come back to earth soon after leaving that seminar and had to cancel my check, because I didn't have the money to cover it. My wife went "Nuts"!

I also did one other stupid thing while I was at the seminar. I signed up to become a salesman for the Bi-weekly mortgage payment plan. In order to do this, I had to sign a contract with LEASECOMM to but their credit card stamp machine, and have them process my sales. This was done so that I could sell Bi-weekly Mortgage Plan from EQUITY CORPORATION of Cape Coral, Florida. Isn't that strange, I just noticed that EQUITY CORPORATION is located in the same town that WIN! SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL, Russ Whitney's Company is in, Cape Coral, Florida! Well anyway, I am stuck with a binding contract for the price of $59.95 per month for 48 months with a one-time processing fee of $195.00. I will pay off my debt, however, because I know that these guys will have no problem in destroying what remains of my credit. That is another reason why I got into this deal. I was told that I could get into buying and selling foreclosures WITHOUT worrying about bad credit, any money down or even income verification! I went for that, because I thought I'd never be able to buy a house the "normal" way.

My second mistake was to get invloved with "FORECLOSUREWORLD.COM". I paid $368.00 to get a list from them that was months old. Some of the banks that I talked to told me that if I wanted a current list, I should write to them directly. So, that is what I am doing.

I was also told that by this banker that Buying a foreclosure would require many of the same qualifications as being invloved in a regular real estate transaction, including good credit. So, I am also cleaning up my credit by paying off outstanding debts that occurred when my older daughter got cancer, and I had no prescription coverage to handle her medications.

The reason that I wrote this to you is so that maybe someone else will be a little less careless when dealing with these people, and realize that what they are selling is "Wealth and Financial Independence", THEIR OWN!!

Thanks for letting me "vent" on you.

I have wanted to attend one of the Building Wealth seminars for a long time now, but have been undergoing various surgeries & medical care which have prevented me from doing so. I finally started feeling better and thought I'd be able to attend, so I went to the local center in Atlanta for the preview seminar in February 2001, got all pumped up about it, left a $ 500.00 deposit with one of the directors there (Pete Youngs), and discussed attending it in April or May, if my health allowed. Pete assured me that if I could not attend for ANY reason, my $500.00 deposit would be promptly refunded, and so I cheerfully handed him my check. They were totally out of products that go with the seminar, so we'd planned for me to pick them up & pay the balance in a few weeks when they were to have some more seminar materials in stock. I called several times after that to check on the status of the seminar items having been delivered to them, but no one was in the office at those times.

On 3/15/01, I finally reached Tony Youngs on his cell phone (routed from the office line), and he advised me to go to the office on 3/16/01 or 3/17/01 between 10am and 6pm to conduct my business. I arrived at the office on 3/17 at 5:15 pm, only to find the office empty & dark. I called 3/18 through 3/20 daily, to no avail - as no one answered the phone. Additionally, on 3/18/01 I received more bad news about my health & had to make arrangements for future surgeries & care - which meant that I would be unable to attend the seminar in either April or May. Being unable to reach them by phone, on 3/21/01 I notified Pete of these events via fax, and requested a refund within 2 weeks (allowing him time to handle it at his convenience). I also explained that I was still very much interested in attending a seminar at some point in the future... and have been VERY excited about the possibilites of doing this for months now.

But a funny thing has happened since that time -- no one has contacted me about this. No one has been in the office 99% of the time when I have called, and no one has been there when I have gone by there to discuss the issue. Frustrated, confused and extremely disappointed, I sent another fax to Pete on 04/9/01, along with a copy of the fax sent to him on 3/21/01, and asked that he contact me. I offered to send a courier to retrieve my deposit, to save him the time of having to mail it. I asked that he call me so we could discuss the matter. I also explained I would be leaving the state for medical reasons, and needed the $500.00 no later than 4/13/01. Today I sit here -- 4 days after having sent that last fax, and 1 day before the 13th, ...and no one has contacted me by phone, fax, (postal) letter or email. I also have not received my refund. They certainly had the time to take my money on 2/21/01, and cash my check on 2/23/01,...but since that time they have not had (or made) the time to contact me regarding my refund request. Knowing that I am unable to attend due to medical reasons, I thought these people would have had the heart to ensure that I received my refund quickly -- but it appears they don't want to issue it at all. I'm EXTREMELY disappointed in the way this center has operated, and in it's business practices.

Today I have NO faith at all in the Russ Whitney Building Wealth seminar, nor in Mr. Whitney's associates in Atlanta. One bad experience CAN spoil everything, and they have robbed me of not only my money, but my enthusiasm for attending any of the classes offered at this center. I'm happy to hear that others are doing well after having attended the seminars and classes, and wish you all the best of luck -- but I certainly won't be attending any of the Whitney seminars after having been ignored for so long. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE tends to drive customers away... Kevin Dean, Toms River, NJ