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I've checked your site over the years and appreciate it immensely.

I've got to tell you about the latest. I got a direct mail piece from A.D. Kessler promoting his new book, A Fortune at Your Feet for $14.95. The come-on sounded good--a 30 day money-back guarantee with a free video. I ordered the book out of curiosity and wanted to see what the back-end offer, what the upsell was.

Sure enough though, the video hits you with a one-on-one mentoring program. No price is listed--of course. You have to call them and see if you qualify for this deal of the millennium.

First, let me say that I know the tricks, the techniques (compliance, influence, sales, dream building, etc.). I've studied many of these seminars and courses and have made liberal use of money-back guarantees when needed. I got, returned, and received my money back from Greg Hickman, Carlton Sheets, and others--lucky me.

So, I called the Kessler people. These folks have perfected one of the slickest sales processes for new prospects that I've encountered. They herded me through the chute like a cow going to slaughter. Their every move and response was according to the script and plan.

I have detailed notes from my four calls. Each of these phone calls were a minimum of 30 minutes. The qualification process goes through the standard dream building, finding out your wants and needs, making you desire to be one of the special 1% who make it into their mentoring program. I must have said yes a couple hundred times. I dutifully answered the questions and got myself into the final call today with the heavy--the closer. I was buttered up and prepared to close my first RE deal within six to eight weeks, two to three RE deals within six months, and then one to two deals a month after that.

This 12-month mentoring program with teachers who each have a minimum of 20 years experience as RE investors ostensibly handholds you from day one to making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year within a year.

It sounded good even to me! My BS detector went into the red zone when they mentioned on every call that previous graduates of the A. D. Kessler (the "father of creative real estate"--their words) mentorship program were Robert Allen, Ron LeGrande, Charles Givens, John Stefanchik, Russ Whitney, and Wade Cook. As you are well aware, these guys are not people to emulate or brag about.

The cost? $4,995 plus shipping for a total of $5,040!

Oh, but wait, there's more! I was told that this was not out-of-pocket because A.D. (what the heck does this stand for? A little pretentious, yes? A.D.) teaches leverage. What better place to start than right here today by using your MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express to finance your "investment" in your future? After all, you're only out-of-pocket expense would be $82.50 the first month, $82.50 the second month, and then you would net $5-10,000 on your first deal. And hey, it's all tax deductible--get Uncle Sam to help you with leveraging your tuition.

As the Kessler closer was going for the slam dunk, he mentioned the "No Failure Option;" the mentorship carried a double money-back guarantee (which was not explained or detailed). The closer was ready to hand me off to the secretary who was to take my credit card information. He said that the gal would read me a disclosure document while tape recording her speech and my agreement with the terms. A copy of the tape would be sent to me on my request. The closer then went for the kill, "I have two spots open with mentors. My secretary is standing by. I'm going to transfer you to her, which credit card would you prefer to use to get started?" Realize that nothing was in writing by them to me--it was all verbal promises and inducements.

When I responded, "I'd like to run this by my wife and see if she has any questions," my supposed newfound buddy got kind of nasty and very abrupt. He asked when I would talk to my wife (my partner in business and love). I answered that I could talk to her tomorrow and call him tomorrow. The guy said talk to her today and get back to him by 8:00 p.m. because by tomorrow the two spots would be filled.

It's way past 8:00 p.m. and the real estate world of A.D. will have to get along without me.
Kenneth Paolini