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John T. Reed’s Real Estate Investor’s Monthly newsletter

John T. Reed’s Real Estate Investor’s Monthly newsletter

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The last issue of this newsletter will be January 2018. Thanks for subscribing. I enjoyed the 32 years of writing it (and the nine years of writing the Real Estate Investing Letter before it).

Real estate investment books in book stores have lately become not much more than lead generators for Utah telemarketers. For real estate investment, book stores have turned into an advertising medium, not an information source. But other types of books still provide good real estate insights like those on securities investing, high performance in various fields, economics and financial history. In a nutshell, my books and newsletter tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear. Real estate investment is tough, but there are many ways you can be successful at it on purpose if you are equipped with the right information. 

I have been thinking about real estate investment an enormous amount of the time since I was a senior in college in 1967. For a while, when we would go to a cocktail pary or barbecue, my wife would warn me in the car on the way, “Don’t talk about real estate” because I was so enthused about it I would end up talking too long and excitedly about it. Although I must add that a number of my friends and relatives who heard such pitches from me ended up becoming real etate investment millionaires as a result.

You saved me $8, mentioned... credit for prior year minimum tax. My accountant failed to show this on my Form 1040. I contacted him and he amended the tax return so that I will get a refund of $8,000. How sweet it is! John A. White, Albuquerque, NM

Sometimes I think of a better way to invest just by thinking about the subject because of my 48 years of experience and study and formal education. Sometimes seeing a story in the media triggers a new insight. Other times I read a book that turns on the light bulb. Often, these days, I get such “better ways to do real estate” ideas from non-real estate books.

I also get communications from investors who tell me about interesting things they are doing. My newsletter has had hundreds of actual case histories over the years, mostly from such calls. And I occasionally see media stories about interesting real estate investment deals that I reanalyze to provide a more realistic and complete explanation of what happened and why.

Real Estate Investor’s Monthly is an 8-page, monthly newsletter aimed at a nationwide audience of individual real estate investors. Subscription price is $72.94 for the remaining 7 issues.

Been getting your newsletters & all books for 25 years or more. Done 8 1031’s [tax-free exchanges] and you have saved me lots of money with sound information. Thanks, Warren Walsh, Palos Park, IL

Please read the list of article titles in the chronological list below to see what the newsletter has covered recently.

Almost every topic has been covered at one time or another. Use the “Find” function under the edit menu of your browser to search the back articles in the chronological list of articles below.

Chronological list of articles The best indication of what you will find in the newsletter. Start at the bottom and work backwards. Also a good review of the history of real estate investing since 1986. In many cases, just reading the article titles will give you ideas which can make you money.

Profile of typical subscriber: Net worth, experience, age, sex, education, etc.

John T. Reed’s real estate investment background

What subscribers have said


I just mailed off the renewal to REIM but I wanted to give you this endorsement.

Your real estate publications are of great value to me. It is now about 20 years since I ran across an early version of Aggressive Tax Avoidance, read it avidly, and filed away mentally the information on 1031 like kind exchanges. That one tip, and follow up comments you have made about exchanges in other publications, has made me about $100,000 in extra profits in my real estate investing over the past several years. I have not read every word you have written on real estate investing, so I wonder now what I may have missed. Perhaps I should buy all your other publications just to make sure. Certainly they are a better way to gain information than most of the dreck on the market today.

I appreciate your hard-nosed, analytical, unemotional approach to this topic, flavored, no doubt, by your Army background and Harvard MBA. Your website information is likewise valuable, particularly the "guru" ratings, and I hope you can keep this going.

I wish you success in your future endeavors,
Mark Anderson
Fairfax VA, Real Estate investor for 23 years

One newsletter I love to read is John T. Reed's Real Estate Investor's Monthly. He's a smart man, a funny writer, and always provocative. Jane Bryant Quinn, Newsweek personal finance columnist

Sample issue The actual, entire January 2007 issue. (Viewing the sample requires Adobe Acrobat™. You probably already have it. If not, you can download it for free.) We also put a free sample of a recent newsletter in the package with all real estate book orders.
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Topics include how to:

  • understand new tax laws 
  • find financing below 
  • find deals that make sense 
  • deal with lawsuits 
  • minimize income taxes 
  • protect assets 
  • buy real estate at bargain prices 
  • use computers and the Internet in real estate 
  • avoid environmental liability 
  • exchange tax-free 
  • increase the value of your real estate 
  • minimize expenses 
  • pay the minimum interest rate 
  • do a lease option correctly 
  • understand new laws and court decisions pertaining to real estate investments 

Many issues include actual case histories of successful investment strategies.
Real Estate Investor's Monthly has been published continuously since February, 1986. In recent years, many people have begun asking if a subscription includes access to all past articles. No, it does not. I do publish some past articles into books organized by subject.

Real Estate Investor's Monthly covers the following finance subjects:

  • Finding Financing 
  • Conventional 1- to 4-family
  • Conventional income property
  • HUD 1- to 4-family
  • VA 1- to 4-family
  • HUD income property
  • Seller financing
  • Lines of credit
  • Refinancing
  • Other Real Estate Owned by lending institutions as a result of foreclosure
  • Pay down of existing mortgages
  • Best loan-to-value ratio

Another product I recommend for my advanced readers is Best Practices for the Intelligent Real Estate Investor.


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